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Our signature GatherRound programs bring together thought partners from around the globe in meaningful conversation, study, and growth for our field of early care and education.

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This is our program for mentors and supervisors of professionals in early care and education. Offered in partnership with Deann Forman of Perspicuity Coaching, this program is a 6 session series between October and December. We will focus on adult learning, emotional intelligence, communication, and so much more. Participation includes the programs, all course materials, and a personalized DISC and EQ assessment and profile. All participants will also receive access to the Roundtable Community for the duration of the program.


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Our signature weekly virtual Roundtable for those individuals who share an interest in early care and education to form a supportive community. Together, engage in productive conversations and exchange thoughts on relevant matters affecting our lives and our work. All are welcome to register and participate in this fee-based program. All consulting clients are invited to join the weekly meetings at no cost.

$500/monthly or $5,000/year.

Join an exclusive community of early childhood program directors dedicated to problem-solving, brainstorming, and mutual support. Our goal is to help each other thrive in a challenged educational system. Together we can empower program leaders who are facing dysfunctional educational systems and structures with actionable solutions to move bravely forward.


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Custom Consulting

We specialize in customizing with communities on special projects, both in long and short term endeavors. Some areas of expertise include:

  • Visioning and mission statements.

  • Onboarding new classroom educators and school leaders.

  • Opening new schools.

  • Streamlining your school with a balanced budget.

  • Recruitment and retention.

  • Evaluation and assessment processes for educators and school communities.

  • Appreciative leadership.

  • Keynote presentations and workshop facilitation.

  • Professional travel tours for education and community development (domestic and international).

  • Fellowships and cohort learning creation to support continuing professional development.

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    Hear what our great partners say

    "Our EC teachers and families are so excited to be working on “From home to school; from strength to strength” with GatherRound.  Our collaboration and your thoughtful approach to creating a safe and comfortable space to wrestle with challenges and think together has been so important to us. We are grateful for the opportunity to work together to continue to strengthen our EC community."

    Robin Brous
    Early Childhood Director, JCC of Central NJ, Scotch Plains NJ

    "GatherRound has provided consulting services and support for our preschool leadership team through a number of staff transitions, helped us build a more cohesive team, and continues to provide ongoing partnership for deepening thinking around early childhood education, the value and meaning of our work, and elevating the field as a whole. Kathy and Sarah are as gifted at coaching as they are knowledgeable about the field, and it’s a blessing to get to have ongoing work with them."

    Sarah Meytin
    Early Childhood Director, Rockville, MD

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