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GatherRound the Table to share our stories and care for and connect with one another. That’s why we’ve created this new game, for people of ALL ages to engage in. Every question is open-ended with opportunities to share stories at all kinds of gatherings - with family, in classrooms and board rooms and staff meetings, at meal times and holiday celebrations, and more.

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Why yet another card game?

After seeing the need for people to be able to truly talk and listen to each other - and many games that claimed to be for all ages - it felt important to us to design a game that truly was for even the youngest of our children where we all dive into the practice of caring about stories we come from and how through storytelling we see the value of being part of each other’s experiences, learn from the perspectives of others, and understand how we’re all connected.

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Who is this for?

Your families and friends around tables of all kinds: family gatherings, holiday feasts, board rooms and staff meetings, ice breakers, and breakfast, lunch and dinner! Works well in classrooms too - as gifts for educators to use at school or home!  And what a wonderful way to share the gift of connection with all the families and every teacher at a school - one in every welcome packet!

$20 plus tax & shipping

Free shipping when ordering 2 or more! 


How is it a game?

GatherRound the Table gives everyone the chance to practice using and infusing the concepts of care and collaboration, inclusion and integrity, engagement and curiosity in our interactions. Imagine how this strategy could up our game for talking to each other in professional, political and more global conversations. Every question is open ended with opportunities to share stories small and large - an experience with no barriers inviting others in to realize our shared possibilities!

$20 plus tax & shipping 

Free shipping when ordering 2 or more! 


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Hear what People are Saying

"This game is fun because I like to hear stories about my family and we all play it together."

Olivia, age 7

"I brought GatherRound the Table to a staff meeting, and we each picked a card and used it to introduce ourselves. What a powerful way to learn more about new colleagues and friends, and feel connected from the very start."

Pat, age 38

"Being with my family isn’t always the easiest - dinner conversation becomes tricky and filled with topics we’re all trying to avoid. Using these cards helped us remember things we love about each other, and learn things we never knew. I’m going to bring GatherRound the Table to every family gathering - forever!"

Lynn, age 57

“I am a therapist and have used the GatherRound the Table" game cards in session with my clients.  The familiar structure of the game helps my clients to feel comfortable while offering them a platform to reflect on and talk about their favorite things, as well as their hopes and dreams. In turn, I learn about their strengths and needs, which then informs the therapeutic process. These interactions also help to build rapport and trust. I am so grateful to have this game and GatherRound Consulting as a tool in my therapeutic tool box!”

Kathleen O’Donnell, Belmont, MA

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