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Our core values & principles

To us, these words represent everything we seek to create in our world.


Aligning our communities with the values we hold, and setting up systems that operationalize our beliefs.


Ensuring that decisions are made with the impact and voices of many.


Widening our circles and inviting more into our community.


Acknowledging that the voices in early care and education have long been silenced and overlooked – and elevating these voices and ensuring they are heard.


Creating systems that align with equity and opportunity for all children, families, and educators.


Living a life of authenticity, transparency, and justice.

Kathy Pomer


Kathy Pomer is a co-founder of GatherRound LLC and an accomplished early childhood education leader. She holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development both from the Eliot - Pearson School of Child Study at Tufts University.

With over four decades of experience, Kathy has served in roles from classroom teacher to administrator, mentor, consultant, vice president and continental director of early childhood.  Kathy believes that positive, proactive early care and education experiences highlighting learners’ own capabilities and interests creates a community of care for a just society that aligns with what we value most. She lives in Southern Maryland, near Washington D.C., with her husband Jim. Their two grown children are thriving and happy and busy making the world a better place.

Sarah Koffler


Sarah Koffler is a co-founder of GatherRound LLC and a dedicated early childhood Jewish educator. She holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education, known for its progressive and child-centered approach. Sarah earned Bachelor’s degrees in Special Education and Elementary Education from the University of Hartford.

With over fifteen years experience, Sarah has designed curriculum, led classrooms, directed school communities, and provided professional development for early childhood programs. She is passionate about building thoughtful, reflective educational experiences for young children and families. Sarah resides in Scotch Plains, New Jersey with her husband and their two children.

Hear what our great partners say

“With Kathy and Sarah's ongoing support through our engagement with GatherRound, we know every single one of our decisions, planning, and implementing will be through the lenses of our values and what is in the best interest of children.”

Samantha Dubrinsky
Executive Director, Springfield JCC, Springfield, MA

"Their thoughtfulness and professionalism make them enjoyable to work with.  If you are ready to make meaningful strides to improve your early childhood centers programming and operations, Sarah and Kathy are going to be your most valuable thought partners."

Kyrsten Rorick
Program Coordinator, Rochester, NY

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